Compart Technology Ltd, Supliers of Prime Quailtiy Silicon Wafers
Compart Technology, suppliers of prime quality and virgin test grade silicon  and glass wafers
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PI-KEM Ltd.,
Units 18-20,
Tame Valley Business Centre,
Magnus, Tamworth, B77 5BY, U.K.

Tel: +44 (0)1827 259250
Fax: +44 (0)1827 259255


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Silicon wafers from PI-KEM Ltd

PI-KEM Ltd has been serving the semiconductor industry and research departments of universities for over 20 years and are a leading supplier of all types of silicon wafers.

Exclusive Distributors for Virginia Semiconductor Inc.

100mm (4") 10 micron thick silicon wafer
Silicon wafer 10 microns thick
Silicon Wafer 3mm thick
3mm thick silicon wafer

Wafer Specifications

At PI-KEM Ltd. we can supply silicon wafers to match the following specifications: -

  • Diameters 25.4mm (1"), 50.8mm (2"), 76.2mm (3"), 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 200mm
  • Thicknesses: 10microns to 10mm or more. Also silicon ingots.
  • Tolerance of +/-1µm available
  • Orientations: <100>, <110>, <111>, <113>, <511> etc. or off-axis. Tolerance of +/- 0.1o available
  • Types/Dopants: P/Boron, N/Phos, N/Arsenic, N/Antimony or Undoped
  • Resistivities: any including very heavily doped
  • Finish: polished one or both sides or lapped
  • Thermal Oxidation: wet or dry - thickness range 25nm to > 4µm
  • Silicon Nitride deposition (LPCVD 100nm to 2µm)
  • All wafers meet current SEMI standard specifications for Prime and Test grade silicon wafers


  • Prime grade wafers: minimum order 20 wafers (unless in stock)
  • Virgin Test (Monitor) grade wafers: minimum order 25 wafers (1 cassette)

Also offered

  • Fusion Bonded (SOI) wafers, Silicon-Germanium (Si-Ge) wafers
  • Epi-ready silicon wafers (wafers with finish ready for epitaxy)
  • Reclaim and mechanical grade silicon wafers
  • Square, rectagular and unusual shaped wafers

Silicon Services Available

  • Wafer thinning, Ingot slicing and polishing, Laser cutting
Silicon Ingot
Silicon Ingot